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JSW Law Decision Making Bodie

Governing Council

Executive Board

Academic Council


Human Resource

Registrar - Chairperson

Head, Academic Affairs -  Member

Head, Administration - Member

Head, Finance -  Member

Head, PQAD - Member

Head, HRD -  Member Secretary 


Dean -  Chairperson

Registrar -  Member

Head, Academic -  Member

Head, Student Affairs -  Member

Director, Administration -  Member

Head, PQAD - Member

Finance -  Member Secretary


Registrar -  Chairperson

Head, Administration - Member

Head, Finance -  Member

Head, PQAD -  Member 

Head, ICT -  Member

Head, Procurement -  Member Secretary 


Director , Administration Chairperson 

Representative, Academic Affairs Member

Head/Rep. Administration Department Member

Head, PEMD Member

Head, Student Affairs Member

Head, Estate Member Secretary

Internal Review

Head, PEMD Chairperson

Representative, Academic Affairs Member 

Representative, Student Affairs Member 

Representative, Admin Dept Member 

Representative, JSWLP Member 

A relevant external member Member

APT focal person Member Secretary

Disaster Management

Head, Student Affairs Chairperson 

Head, ICT Member 

Head, Estate Member 

Head, HRD Member 

Representative, Academic Affairs Member 

Student Service Officer Member Secretary

Quality Assurance

Registrar Chairperson

Academic Rep. 1 Member 

Academic Rep. 2. Member 

Academic Rep. 3 Member

Vice Dean, JSWLP Member 

Director, DSA Member 

Director, Admin. Member 

Dy. Chief Estate Manager Member 

HRO Member 

Dy. Chief Programme Officer and Sr. Programme Officer - Member Secretary

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